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The financial tradeoffs between singles & couples

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Whether you’re single or in relationship, the financial grass may look greener from the other side. In this article, I examine the tradeoffs of both scenarios. Tl;dr? Singles shouldn’t feel too bad, and couples shouldn’t feel too smug.

I never felt more single than in Argentina, 2017. “There will be wine,” they said. “You will be the only single guy on these wine tours,” they didn’t say. I should’ve known that Mendoza would be rife with couples.

“Happiness is only real when shared.”

There’s already the stress of being single. Is it also more expensive being single? …

Another way of looking at the controversial cryptocurrency

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Skeptics compare Bitcoin to fiat currency, often pointing to price and volatility. The real story is that cryptocurrencies are not a replacement for the dollar, but a part of an alternative financial system.

In 2016, I bought $1000 worth of Bitcoin after my roommate introduced me to the world of cryptocurrencies. He dropped the words blockchain, permissionless and distributed ledger like it was French class. I didn’t get it, but I wanted in on the action.

To be honest, I didn’t understand the hype around cryptocurrencies. Normal U.S. dollars stored at my brick-and-mortar bank worked just fine for me. It…

Why it’s OK to play the lotto (sometimes)

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The Barbell Method of Investing suggests that investors can prevent losses by being extremely safe with most of their assets, while being extremely risky with an inconsequential amount of money. Applied generally, it is a way to aggressively protect the downside while being exposed to the upside.

The chances of winning the lottery are 1 in *millions,* which is less likely than getting struck by lightning twice. But I still buy lottery tickets even when it doesn’t make mathematical sense. Why?

For $1, I get a chance **at a life-changing amount of money. …

No one walks away from this conversation feeling good.

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Let me ask you a simple question.

How much money do you make?

If you just vomited mildly, I understand. 🤑

My friend’s comment encapsulates the discomfort of money conversations:

If I talk about money I’m either boasting or feeling insecure and there doesn’t feel like a middle ground. It feels like I’m being judged or on the flip side that I’m judging others. Why do I feel that way?!

Most people rank money as the most taboo subject. The top…

Oz’s newsletter from Jan 8, 2020

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Shiny Stock Syndrome

The stock market went crazy in 2020 after March’s coronavirus dip — and it’s still remaining high. This makes it especially tempting for investors to jump on the next hot stock.

Having experienced this myself, I call this Shiny Stock Syndrome, and write about a counterintuitive (at least to me) way to deal.

Oz’s newsletter from Jan 2, 2020

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You’re reading my newsletter about the weird aspects of money. If you missed a week, you can check out the archives here.

Last year I wrote about New Year’s Resolution Syndrome and talked about choosing goals that give you energy, instead of zapping your spirit with endless obligations.

This year I’m continuing with what gives me energy: writing consistently. After 30 days of writing, I discovered that I can write more than I thought I could.

In this newsletter I’ll cover trends I see going into 2021, a review my favorite vs reader favorite articles, writing goals and more.

Trends I see going into 2021


Oz’s money newsletter from Dec 24, 2020

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Also in this edition: Fractionalization, Metromile, Buy a little, and The Laws of Wealth

You’re reading my newsletter about the weird aspects of money. If you missed a week, you can check out the archives here. The Weird Psychology of Gift Giving 🎁

Some people’s love language is words of affirmation.
Some people’s love language is giving and receiving gifts.

Hint: Mine is not the latter.

If you hate the dance of giving and receiving gifts, I wrote this article for you:

The Weird Psychology of Gift Giving

Tl;dr most of us should ask for what we want, or we’re giving, we should try asking people what they want. Research shows that this is the best approach for most people…

Oz’s money newsletter from Dec 18, 2020

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The Dark Side of Credit Card Rewards 🐙
The game of earning credit card rewards, if managed well, can lead to some pretty sweet travel perks. For the unprepared, however, it could be a house of cards.

Read why here: The Dark Side of Credit Card Rewards

Tl;dr lucrative rewards are built on mountains of credit card debt. I talk about how fragile this game is, and examples of why average consumers don’t reap the full value of their rewards. (It’s not all depressing, I end with some tips).

I’m considering putting a guide on how to maximize credit card rewards while avoiding the main pitfalls. If you’re interested a short and sweet guide, hit “reply” or Tweet at me.

How do we go against the crowd…if we don’t know where we stand in the crowd? 🤷🏽‍♂️

Recently, I’ve built conviction that retail investors stand a chance against Wall Street. With focus and enough…

Oz’s money newsletter from Dec 11, 2020

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I finally wrote an article about something that’s been on my mind — homelessness.

Growing up in LA, I became accustomed to seeing people living on the streets. One of the social interactions I never figured out waswhether or not to give out money, and if so, how much.

You can read my exploration of the problem here:

>>> Should we give money to the homeless?

These are the rules I arrived at:

  • If approached by the homeless, I will acknowledge them and attempt to redirect them to nearby resources
  • I will not give money to the homeless, but I will consider giving food.
  • I will not virtue…

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Between sophomore to junior year of college, I had the scariest season of my life. The summer that I had nonstop sleep paralysis. Story time…

Paranormal Activity had just come out (you could date me that way) and that movie fucking terrified me. I thought it was a solid scary movie.

At that time I was moving into an apartment with my college roommates, but I was the first one there because I was taking summer courses and they weren’t back from summer break yet. …

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