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Oz Chen
Writing about personal finance and UX Design on

Higher prices attract attention and create FOMO

  • A stock’s price starts going up
  • The higher and more dramatic the increase, the more it attracts media attention.
  • Investors feel FOMO and buy
  • When the price falls, the investor forgets why they bought the stock, and sell.

When social signaling ends up hurting us

Actually looking (paying attention) is more likely…

Perfectionism is toxic.

Psychology of Money @

Missed a big investing opportunity? Here’s how to feel less miserable.

Minimize regret by seeing the past more clearly

Psychology of Money

Baggage turns into beliefs; beliefs turn into investing decisions.

Psychology of Money

  • Financial models = ways to represent a specific financial situation.
  • Mental models = ways of thinking about how something works.

“The S&P 500 is supposed to give me 8% every year. …

Edition #6: Psychology of Money Newsletter

Plus, a personal update about Annual Reviews

When will the game stop?

The financial tradeoffs between singles & couples

Another way of looking at the controversial cryptocurrency

Oz Chen

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