Financial Review 2021: My Portfolio Changes, Best and Worst Performers, and Future Predictions

Oz Chen
12 min readJan 17, 2022

A financial blogger should have a financial review, right? Here’s my inaugural review where I break down what happened to my finances and investments for the year. I’ll also make some predictions for 2022.

Note: if for some reason you want to know way too much about my personal life, here’s my 2021 personal annual review.

Whenever someone makes a claim that a certain investment is good, I try to ask: compared to what?

This is why I start this financial review looking at all my assets as a percentage of my total net worth. This helps me make comparisons with more context, and sets up the framework for the rest of this review.

Here’s what I’ll cover:

  • Asset allocation changes
  • My best, worst and favorite investments of the year
  • Investing lessons + how my psychology of money has changed
  • Future predictions

Asset allocation: “Whoa, that’s a lot of crypto”

I started off the year with stocks leading the major % of my holdings. Thanks to the crypto bull run of 2021, crypto overtook stocks to become 61% of my total net worth. This was unexpected, but I plan to hodl and let my winners ride. I still believe in a long, fruitful, if not volatile future in crypto, and will continue to buy using the 50/50 Bitcoin Ethereum Strategy.

I specifically called out Stablecoins as its own category, because I view it as a relatively safe cash equivalent that could earn me 8–10% interest. More on stablecoins later in the review.

Note: these calculations exclude the net worth of my home, because it’s an illiquid asset that I plan to keep forever. My primary residence would’ve constituted 20% of my net worth, and including it would’ve decreased the values in the table by 5–10% each.

Where to invest my future dollars?

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