Stablegains Review: 15% APY Crypto Savings Account

After 1 year of feeling lukewarm, here’s why I finally felt comfortable enough to use Stablegains.

Oz Chen
5 min readFeb 6, 2022


I finally got comfortable using Stablegains after sitting on the account for a year. This post will contain my referral links to Stablegains, which gets you a $25 bonus. Make sure the referral code IEWUE1AC27 is applied.

A year ago, I started seeing Facebook ads for I thought it looked fishy. What’s this new, barebones startup offering 15% APY?

At that time, I hadn’t wrapped my mind around stablecoins yet. I was suspicious of how firms were able to offer such high interest rates using them. So I stuck with “CeFi” firms I was more comfortable with, like BlockFi and Celsius.

Since then a couple of things have happened that leads me using Stablegains and writing this review today:

  • I finally understood where stablecoin interest came from and wrote an Intro Guide to Stablecoins.
  • Friends I trusted started telling me about Stablegains
  • New developments at Stablegains gave me more confidence

Let’s dive in.

What is Stablegains and how does it work?

Stablegains is a crypto startup that, in its current iteration, offers a crypto savings account.

They’re able to offer 15% APY by earning more yield in the decentralized finance world, then passing the difference onto consumers.

Here’s an excerpt of their mission:

Make it simple for regular people to benefit from advances in the financial system so they can reach financial freedom. We identify the best projects and make them accessible and understandable for individuals to benefit from.

One example of Stablegains identifying “projects” and making it accessible is their use of the Anchor Protocol. Anchor is part of the Terra crypto ecosystem that’s been offering a relatively stable 19% APY.



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