The 4-step framework to help beginner investors automate 90% of their financial decisions

A framework to help you invest across 4 stages.

Oz Chen


The investing world is a distracting place. Should you invest in stocks or crypto? What if you have debt, should you even bother investing?

Sit back with a cup of coffee. I’ll explain how the Investing Pyramid can make every financial decision you make easier.

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Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.

I love that saying because it goes against the instinct to go fast. Just as in any other field, there are fundamentals to personal finance that are tempting to skip.

There’s no place that’s as enticing to “go fast” as investing.

People want to trade individual stocks before learning about index funds, or worry about crypto when the obvious option is to pay off debt.

These fancy things are like the tip of the financial iceberg that people gravitate towards.

Financial iceberg. The tip are risky bets and gambles, the rest of the iceberg are the financial foundations that people miss.

But don’t miss the rest of the iceberg. Skipping foundational parts of finance is how people get…